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Desert Scarf

Give in to the temptation and buy yourself a turban. Don’t go to the desert without a turban.

The truth is that a turban is useful in any desert in the world, but we want to introduce you to the Sahara because it was there that we learned of its importance. We do not know if it was a Berber or Tuareg invention or if it has been used in North Africa since time immemorial. Make no mistake: the fact that it is widely-used is not a coincidence.

There is no western garment that can compare. A turban is essential in a sandstorm. Its traditional shape makes it difficult for the sand to get into your ears and mouth, and even into your eyes if you wear it correctly. Combine it with glasses for a “contemporary Tuareg” look for even more protection. If you have been tempted to buy a traditional blue scarf, perhaps the colour will tint your face and you can become a Tuareg for a day. Now can you guess why they are called the blue people?

Like all widespread customs, there are a thousand techniques to tying a turban, all of which are valid.


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